Trading platform Market Logic is a new tool served to automate companies’ activities providing access to financial markets. Market Logic has unlimited opportunities to expand functionality and it can be easily integrated with any payment and banking systems, trading platforms and brokers. Unlike many similar solutions, Market Logic trading platform was created in collaboration with ProFinance Service financiers having over 20 years of experience in Internet trading. Platform represents the 4 ++ generation of the popular trading platform.

Versatility of operating modes

The trading platform can be operated in different modes, combining them in a completely transparent way for the client. Besides, Market Logic can be easily integrated with already installed similar tools and solutions, effectively boosting functional capabilities.


Basing on current software solution user can build a variety of solutions of various difficulty levels. Integrated clearing, market makers’ mechanism and proxy trading allow launching of unlimited number of trading platforms and brokers at the same time.


During the platform development experience of professional financiers and market participants was taken into account. Each control element is placed in a handy way and color schemes were selected in such a way as to reduce a minimum eye fatigue ensuring maximum comfort when working with trading terminal.


Server side of trading platform is designed to withstand high loads. Risk management module and trading core have built-in protection against non-market spreads and incorrect transactions.


Trading server is based on conveyer architecture with ability of parallel queries processing. Such model allows processing of a large number of trade requests per unit time. For high-loaded marketplaces a server cluster may be added, where each server would handle trade requests, splitting coverage of trading pairs.

Unlimited scalability

Trading platform is built on a modular principle. Both client and server-side have plug-ins mechanism that enables adding of additional functionality. API based on JSON protocol allows an easy integration of the platform with any CRM and payment systems, as well as development of additional investment management modules.