Market Logic BackOffice

Market Logic BackOffice is an administration and configuration system for Market Logic trading platform setup. This module is designed as a plug-in to Market Logic Desktop application. The module allows user to use all the terminal functionality such as charts, dashboards and administrative functions. Multiple connection mode guarantees to manage multiple independent trading platforms simultaneously.


Market Logic BackOffice is designed as a plug-in to the main application: Market Logic Desktop;

– Access control system and grouping of the main components of trading platforms (user accounts, trading accounts and instruments);

– Unlimited number of users’ bank details is supported;

– Unlimited number of user files can be stored. User files are encrypted and stored separately from the database where personal data is stored;

– Broadcasting notifications to all users of the system;

– Dedicated API based on JSON protocol for integration of Market Logic BackOffice with CRM, billing systems and other software;

– Dedicated API based on Microsoft .NET platform for access and management control.

Access control and group settings

– Separated access to Market Logic BackOffice and server settings;

– Grouping of the main functional components (user or trading accounts and instruments), set-up of group settings inherited by descendants of the group;

– Accounts of various types are supported, both commercial and specialized ones;

– Dedicated accounts support to store accrued commissions and swaps;

– Access control to servers at connection level (Connection Manager).

Integration with payment systems

– Support of user personal accounts with the possibility of transferring funds between users and simultaneous conversion both at the exchange rate listed in trading system or at predetermined exchange rates;

– Built-in integration module for connection to various payment systems that meets all PCI DSS requirements supporting work with bank cards;

– Possibility of automatic requests confirmation for debiting funds, as well as confirmation of requests by operator;

– Protection against “double” transfer while debiting funds from personal accounts;

– Ability to process requests for depositing funds using 3D Secure processing.

Reporting and monitoring

– Static and interactive reports by users, accounts and groups with the ability to calculate subtotals;

– Control of the total accounts exposure;

– Rollback of incorrect transactions;

– Market data flow control with the ability to control “raw” data for market makers;

– Real-time market makers and margins management.

Additional Features

– Interface with flexible settings for demonstration and real servers for automatic registration of new users;

– Possibility to limit validity period of user accounts. Validity period may be extended automatically depending on server settings;

– Monitoring of open user sessions: it refers both to sessions on Market Logic trading server and external sessions for proxy users.

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