Market Logic Desktop

Market Logic Desktop is an up-to-date trading platform with a large number of tools to work with. The application was developed for operating systems Microsoft Windows based on Microsoft .NET Framework technology.

Professional software solutions are expected to meet high level of requirements such as velocity, reliability, ergonomics and security. Market Logic Desktop meets all these requirements, being in many respects the reference solution in industry. Numerous functional possibilities with no excessive or unneeded options are a particular app feature appreciated by Market Logic Desktop users. The intuitive interface of application facilitates a quick start for a user while high performance and reliability ensure maximal efficiency of user’s trading strategy.

Features of Market Logic Desktop

Ergonomic workspace

App workspace combines several principles of control panels’ placement to make it suitable for all categories of users.

Multiple document interface (MDI) mode lets user group and organize a large number of charts and drag them to multiple monitors.

Dockable panels allow linking of multiple panels into one group to minimize mouse movement when executing fast trades.

Four color schemes were intentionally pre-selected to provide a comfortable fit when working with trading terminal.

Interface elements settings templates make it possible to customize the default view for each panel.

Contextual search of tools, technical indicators and other objects enables user to quickly select the right tool. User can also save selection preferences, making the selected tools to be always available on panel.

Trading terminal enables users to form synthetic symbols based on the list of assets provided by the server.

Modern fast charts with additional features

Market Logic Desktop charts allow user to display information on several tools in one scale, and build any aggregated OHLC units based on ticks or time intervals.

Charts have a wide range of built-in technical indicators and drawing tools. There is also a possibility to build template-based indicators and predefined schemes.

Technical analysis indicators can be combined into groups, as well as serve as data source for other indicators, which make it possible to build complex analytical systems with high clarity level.

Special indicators Diff and Tick Cross let user compare online historical data and build cross-tools on basis of existing data.

Visual trading using charts

Visual trading tools for charts trading were first presented in terminal ProTrader 3 already in 2009. In new platform these tools were changed and improved.

Thus, orders selected on chart can be simultaneously “moved” up or down changing the price just with one mouse wheel click.

Pending orders can be simply dragged with mouse to a desired position on chart, so these orders will be placed at a price below the cursor. At the same time, platform Market Logic Desktop can user independently set the type of a pending order (Limit or Stop), depending on current market price.

In visual trade mode user can also set an order in “execution area” with the preset order type (Limit or Stop) and execution type.

Note: The Exchange solution supports all trade orders execution types. When order is being placed on an external marketplace, such marketplace must support selected order execution mode, otherwise order would be rejected. Trading orders routing is configured on trading server  using Market Logic BackOffice.

Enhanced trade opportunities

Trading terminal enables user to easily change and delete set of trade orders at the same time and quickly close and settle a large number of positions.

Mechanism of alerts provides tools for visual creation of trading strategies and trading signals generating systems.

Regardless of server settings trading terminal has a built-in mechanism of trailing stop and automatic positions netting.

Advanced widget renders it possible for users to generate batch trading orders (Basket-orders) with one mouse click.

Using the Quick Trade panel user can put pending orders in the best price area with possibility to edit or delete already placed orders.

Multiple connection mode

Market Logic Desktop allows simultaneous work with several different independent connections in a single terminal. Charts can display market data from various data sources and a set of special indicators helps user to compare market data in real time, so user can select the fastest data stream with highest data feed quality.

Plug-in architecture

Trading terminal is based on plug-in architecture which ensures expanding of terminal capabilities in an unlimited way. Additional functional elements can be added upon request.

Additional possibilities

Features that improve ergonomics of the user workspace, such as:

– Flexible mechanism for filtering and sorting in one or several columns in tables;

– Orders’ book panel (Market Depth) with different display variants;

– Price history displayed in a table form;

– Interactive tabular reports with features of sorting, search and filtering data;

– News feeds from different sources;

and many other features…

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