Market Logic Informers

Market Logic Informers is a WEB solution for informational and analytical portals, banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions that provide online and historical market data.

Professional and solid appearance can make an Internet portal to look in a modern and informative way leading to an increase in attendance and expansion of the audience portal. A lot of settings and an unlimited number of trading tools, as well as the ability to create own economic indicators and values in real time allows implementation of any ideas.

Market Logic Informers is a fast way to start earning by providing of online financial data.

Features of Market Logic Informers

Online and historical market data.

Widgets/informers display all the necessary information in tabular and graphical form. This solution also allows user to organize calculation of own data based on the incoming stream. It can be cross-rates, some specific indices or other economical data.

On user’s request server can create synthetic pairs that automatically become available to other users. Calculation of historical and online data is made automatically by server, based on underlying basic tools of synthetic pair.

Built-in statistics allow exploring of user preferences for all tools, including synthetic pairs.

Flexibility and scalability.

The scalability solution is based on a Quote Hub Network  system which allows quick deployment of communication network to transfer real-time market information online and to prepare storage capacity to keep historical data for unlimited period of time.

Data transmission network is territorially independent and can consist of an unlimited number of nodes from anywhere in the world.

System can be easily connected to any data feed provider and can itself serve as an efficient and fast broadcast or address data feed supplier.

Easy setup and administration

Support of protocols FIX and DDE allows connection of Market Logic Informers to any data source. The data flow can be monitored in real time, using the application charts and built-in plug-in management system in Market Logic Desktop.

Tools and instruments are also managed using this plug-in.

Reliability and execution speed

Server side of Market Logic Informers is highly performable with minimal data processing delays.

Pipeline architecture of data flow processing improves fault tolerance rate and ensures efficient use of computing resources.

Stress-load stability level and reliability of system modules minimize the risks of audience loss due to technical failures.

Access control

Market Logic Informers allows data supply on a subscription fee basis.

Broadcasting Web-server is provided with protection against unauthorized use of data received from website.

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