Market Logic Mobile

Market Logic Mobile is a mobile version of the trading terminal Market Logic, which is designed to operate on mobile devices with Android operating system family. Using Market Logic Mobile user can always control the trading account getting newest financial information which is a decisive factor for successful trades.

Features of Market Logic Mobile


The workspace of Market Logic Mobile is arranged in such a way that the most important control elements are placed in foreground. Access to advanced functions is being gradually revealed while progressing in platform usage.

To navigate the app windows there is a menu located horizontally in the upper part of workspace.

In case of lack of working space for control elements positioning (for instance, on smartphones with small screens) the top menu can be temporarily hidden by clicking on the status panel above menu on the right side (in other words, the graphical user interface of each window is expandable).

Position of control elements and their arrangement is designed to be displayed without distortions and losses both for portrait and landscape orientation on device.

Similar to Market Logic Desktop, current app supports contextual search of tools, technical indicators and other objects.


Market Logic Mobile is a complete mobile solution for a trader with full access to basic functionality of trading platform.

User has access to real-time information flow having the possibility to place trading orders and getting trade reports without any restrictions.

High performance and reliability of the platform, as well as an optimized architecture, can significantly save resources of mobile device, so it can be installed on a wider range of devices, not limiting only to high-performers and flagship models.

Online data access optimization can significantly reduce amount of used traffic, reducing the cost of mobile communications and preventing the formation of time lags in case of unstable connection.

Modern fast charts with wide number of options

Market Logic Mobile charts have the same basic functions as charts in desktop version Market Logic Desktop. They can also display information with several instruments at the same scale and allow building of any aggregated OHLC units based on ticks or time intervals.

Charts have a wide range of built-in technical indicators which are divided into groups with possibility of contextual search.

Traffic saving and reduced hardware requirements

Market Logic Mobile was intentionally developed considering low requirements to hardware platform. Application is optimized for high-speed and low memory usage. It enables to run the application on mobile devices with relatively weak hardware. Trading terminal lets user unsubscribe from unneeded instruments substantially saving traffic usage and reducing time lag in case of an unstable connection. Trading application is able to persistently operate in congested networks, as the used protocol and data compression algorithms allow to present relatively small bandwidth requirements to communication channels.

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