Private Labeling

Private Labelling solution allows usage of up-to-date trading platform Market Logic as an own product owned by client. All brand names, logos and other elements which identify this platform will be changed by the ones provided by client. Besides, within Private Labelling agreement our specialists can develop additional functions and modules which can be exclusively used by a specific client. Such technical features won’t be included in general delivery scope of the software product.

Private Labelling lets significantly save financial resources on development and eliminate risks related to software development itself, such as non-fulfillment of set tasks, budget overruns and poor-quality software development.


– No expenses or risks related to software development. Client gets a ready-to-use product immediately at price significantly lower than software development costs required to develop a similar product from scratch;

– Client gets all rights for product usage and its distribution using own brand name;

– Client gets possibility to develop own unique add-ons to an existing platform. All rights on additional add-ons will belong to client;

– Technical support 24/7 with a special service of “a dedicated specialist of support“;

– Possibility to purchase source code of the platform or its separate modules (optionally);

Within the service package Private Labelling there is also a Dealership and Partnership program available. This program is used to promote and sell trading platform Market Logic by certified partners of our company.

Please contact us for more detailed information about Private Labelling and Dealership and Partnership programs.

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